My name is Amy and I am an illustrator based in Toronto, Ontario. Inspired by cute and charming tales, as well as dark, dreadful stories, the illustrations I like to make are sweet, with a touch of bittersweet. When not drawing, I like to play games,
relax and daydream.
email: [email protected]

autumn: gingko mouse

graphic illustration


A comic about finding home and the important things that are close to you.

recipe for an adventure

Visual illustration of how to go on an adventure.


Interpretation of isolation.

butterfly girl / star boy

Original print/postcard illustrations.

Final product

Illustrate a design for a washi tape that follows a seasonal theme, in this case, Autumn

process / ideation

dream girl / wanderer

miniature tailor / 1960's japan

Dream girl

Dreaming of becoming an artificial being in an imaginary digital realm, follow the internal dialogue of a girl successfully escaping to a 2D fictional dimension, while avoiding the adversities and hardships of real life and indulging in eternal fantasy.
A short visual novel game about escapism.


character & title screen

play here: itch.io


Feeling lost in an unknown universe, you discover the various scattered objects that can be found across the land, each bringing a profound and familiar joy to reground oneself.
A short narrative game about finding comfort in the smallest things and reliving these experiences like new again.


Background & Character

play here: itch.io

miniature tailor

Series of background illustration of a miniature tailor concept.

1960's japan

Exterior/Interior background layout and props of a fictional 1960's school
girl gang (sukeban) concept.

metaphorical magazine cover

Depicting the passionate environmental activism involving Björk,
the icelandic singer and climate change, as a hypothetical cover with
magazine publisher, Crack.


A scene from the Goldilocks and the Three Bears fairy tale. Made with construction paper, pencil crayon and collage.

instructional poster: Sugar cookies

A illustrated poster that shows the step-by-step instructions
of baking sugar cookies.

Infographic poster: coffee maker

An infographic poster, labeling all the parts of a vacuum coffee maker,
and the siphon method of its function.


A collaborated project with Sarah Whang (@Anderkaya).
A series of animated scenes in the narratives of departure.

Amy Kim

2d artist portfolio

[email protected]

1. Visual Development

Candy Family(2024, Procreate)

1960's Japan Girl Gang(2021, Procreate, SketchUp)

2. Backgrounds and Layout

Miniature Tailor(2019, Procreate)

3. Character Art

Three Cats Friends(2023, Procreate)

Forgetful Tom(2020, Procreate)

Goldilocks and the Three Bears(2019, Collage with Pencil Crayon)